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We are very grateful that you are part of our community. We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our goal and priority is to provide the most possible services while maintaining the highest possible quality. The happiness of our clients is our priority, we will stop at nothing to provide the absolute best support! We love ideas, send any you might have so we can better serve you, the customer.

We always keep our system updated and our accounts as well. We try to update them daily for the enjoyment of all.


The most popular sites are updated most often, usually multiple times a week. Other sites are updated less often.

It all depends on the package you select, each package has a different limit.

With the exception of private generators. Each private generator provides 1 account per user per day which means that it could generate only 1 of each in a 24-hour period.

Yes, at the moment we add the accounts all accounts are working. But as is standard with all generators the accounts are shared and will die at any time, there is no possible way to know when they will stop working however we do our best to keep them updated.

In the shared generators, if you generate 3 accounts and none work, report them and open a support ticket to help you.

Also with the private generators, since this is limited to a daily account. If you generate one and it does not work, report the account and open a support ticket to help you. Remember, always need to send us the wrong account you get in order to receive a replacement.

It is a massive exporter located in the account history.

It makes it easy for you to export all accounts at once.

You have the opportunity to export the accounts by generator, in that way you will not have problem in which the services are mixed.

Only available in the Ultimate package or through addons.


Go to the purchase area or click here.

Select the package you want.

The system will redirect you to our Third Party Store. In there you will pay the package and the Store system will send you an activation code to your email (We're not responsible for wrong emails or typos in it). When you receive your code go to your dasboard, scroll down and there you will find a block on the right where you can redeem your code or Just press Activate Plan in your sidebar.

At the moment we accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and LiteCoin as auto buy. Alternative we accept Amazon US Giftcards, Cashapp & Apple Pay.

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